Let's talk about timing first.
The general idea is that when your piston has fully compressed the air/gas the engine will fire, this is technically true, but in order to avoided pre-detention the engine will wait a split millisecond longer in order to allow the crank to be the proper position to accept the power stroke.

I hope that gives you an idea of what going on.

So advancing your ignition will take away that split millisecond it waits and fire at the top of the stroke.
Retarding the ignition will add more time to the wait.

The general idea is that since you fire the piston at the highest possible point in the compression stroke, you have more of a bang (more compression more power). If you wait the piston as started to come down from the compression stroke. (less compression)

Ok, let's advance the living shit out of it!!!

Errr.. no. If you advance the engine too much then the gas will ignite too soon, possibly within the compression stroke or before the crank is has moved into position to accept the power stroke. This is what causes ‘knocking’

Ignition advancer

 So, how do I advance my timing?

Get yourself an ingnition advancer...

No shit sherlock..

It's an easy mod. Remove your ignition cover on the right side of your engine.

These are just 4 bolts.

I removed the cover and it's leaking oil...

Off course you dumbass! The ideal moment to perform this mod is during an oil change. Or place your bike on the sidestand, should be ok.

When you keep your bike upright (paddockstand), it will leak...

Loosen the center bolt and replace the advancer. Make sure you tighten the bolt firmly!

What will be the difference?

The zx7r is build to run on the fuel available in every country. So the stock timing is rather save.

You can easily advance the timing bij 4 degrees even 6 degrees when you are quality fuel available.

This will give you more torque, or more bottom to mid power. It will also make the motor sound more crisper, and maybe even respond a little faster. I also noticed that the engine starts better.


Do not expect huge gains!  It's an all around good mod for any kind of riding.



When you really want to fiddle with your ignition, get yourself an ignitech programmable ignition.

What will be the difference with a normal advancer?

For example: a 4 degree advancer will advance your timing bij 4 degrees in your whole RPM range.

So if you want more or less advance in higher or lower RPM. You need a programmable ignition.

Sounds scary, will I blow up my engine?

Offcourse you will! But after 3 engine rebuilds, you get the hang off it.

No, Ignitech provides a save mapping for your zx7r, so no worries! You can even copy the OEM timing from your manual or the KIT timing!

But before your make any huge adjustments, read yourself in to it. Or go seek an expert.

Stick Coils

You can also trash your stock coils en get some stick coils instead.

Why would I do that?

Your stock coils are old and probably worn out. Not to mention your sparkplugcables....  Instead of buying new ones, get some 'new' technology on your bike.


Look for some F6T553 coils, they will fit.

It's a very thight fit and the coil is thicker in one place. So get your dremmel and take some material of.

It will save some weight:  about 0,5 KG

And it cleans up your enginebay!

On your stock coils, you have 4 wires.

two reds ( voltage) + a black and a green one (signal)

wire them like this on your new coils, should do the trick!

TMP Summary

We started with a 4 and 6 degree advancer with good results.

On 1 bike, we have an Ignitech. Besides the programmable ignition, it has other benefits!


You can program your rpm limiter, you can add a shift light, a quickshifter,pit limiter,... it also has inputs for pickup,  throttle position sensor or inlet air pressure sensor,

So take a look at it!