Lets talk slipperclutch!


A slipper clutch helps by allowing the clutch to partially slip until the engine speed matches the speed of the vehicle. In vehicles equipped with a normal clutch, the engine braking force is transmitted to the rear wheel via its chain drive which causes the rear wheel to wobble and may eventually lose traction. The main function of a slipper clutch is to control the rear wheel of the bike under hard braking and downshifting scenarios.

Sounds good! Are there any disadvantages?

Yes, they are expensive!

(not against the saving they make by reducing wear and tear of transmission, less suspension movement and increased rider safety).

Lucky for you, kawasaki gave you a slipperclutch for free! You only need to activated it.

You can find all the details in the KIT MANUAL which you can download here.

Or in the description below :

Your stock clutch has 7 pieces of 2.3 plates.

  • Medium slip: Take 3 plates out en put in 3 pieces of 2.0 plates and change your springs for white ones
  • Full slip:Take 5 plates out en put in 5 pieces of 2.0 plates with green springs for a full slip.

You can find the partnumbers in the file above, your kawasaki dealer can order them without a problem.


Is it hard to install? looks difficult to remove my clutch?

Two options:

  • Sell everything and get yourself a Honda scooter. So you can still feel the wind on your vagina.
  • Download the manual and get it done, step by step.


Ok, you are still reading! Proves you're a man or a badass racing chick and you didn't sell your 7!

Now that your clutchcover is removed. check the inside of the cover!


Remove those 5 bolts and get that plate and damper out!

 They reduce some noise but hey, it's a racebike right?

Get it out and you lose about 0,380 KG !!


We got the white springs, 3x2,0 plates and some aluminium 5mm tophats. they save some weight over the OEM steel ones. And they reduce the rotating mass

Oberon slave cylinder

Another clutch mod is the Oberon slave cylinder.

This Oberon has a bigger piston and reduces the heaviness of the original clutch action.

You can get them in different colors.

Bin the rubber line and get a steel one instead to get a more direct feel.

TMP Summary

We went for the medium slip to start with.

Not tested yet, we will give you an update next season!


Big fan of the Oberon, lighter and more direct feel! don't forget the stainless steel line!

We still use our stock clutch MC, feels good. No need for change.