There is a big change you allready have another silencer on your bike.

You will get some gains from it, both in weight and HP but don't expect too much from it.

But when you're into track racing, we all know were this is going....


Full Exhaust

Hell yeah baby!!!

Bin those stock headers, they are heavy as fuck!

Yours aren't heavy? probably because they rusted away by now. Those headers are sensitive to rust, so keep an eye on them!

You can save an easy 7 kilo by replacing your exhaust for a full system and get around 10 more HP if setup correctly.


Go for Akrapovic, Hindle, Muzzy and Mic. 


I'ts hard to find these brands. But I did find a Black Widow pipe?

Black widow pipes are easy to find, but appartently they give a huge dip in the midrange.

Be aware off this!

TMP Summary

When you keep your 7 on the streets, forget about a full system. You won't notice the weight difference and the HP you gain will be on high RPM's, so less mid and lowrange.

It sure looks cool, but just keep your stock header for a more comfy ride.


We got good experience with the full system of Muzzy, Akrapovic and Hindle. Even Kerker headers with a Akrapovic silincer performed well!

Always check your bike on a dyno after installing a full system. It's not healty when your bike runs lean after you get a full system.


Don't be a dick and get yourself a DB-killer. You will need them on trackdays.