After 25+ years on your bike, your radiator can get a little "crusty".


You can refurbish your OEM radiator or get a fancy race radiator if you have the money.


We went for a cheap solution, a radiator from China!

China? Like in chinesium?

Yes, normally we are not so keen for putting chinese crap on our bikes.

But we took our chance because we received some good feedback of them.

After 2 seasons of trackdays, we had zero problems! so, good stuff!

These radiators are only available in black. That's ok, It gives a modern look to your 7


Cooling hoses

When you change your radiator, change your hoses and clamps.

They are old and worn. New hoses really cleans up the look of your bike.

We got rid of the carburator heating  because we have no intentions to start our bike below 0°C

The carbheating sits between your waterpump and the housing of your thermostat.

Blank it off or just weld it to be sure.

Allright! Brand spanking new hoses! Now my engine cools a lot better, right?

Not really...

Sure, the inside will be smoother but the main purpose of those fancy hoses is the pressure.

They can handle more pressure than your stock hoses, this means you can fit another radiator cap!


Radiator cap

The stock cap is a 1.1 bar one. With your new hoses you can fit a 1.6bar cap.

Raising your cooling system's maximum operating pressure increases your coolant's boiling point, allowing you to ride harder and longer

without over-boiling your engine

Coolant Bottle

We trew away that big junk of a coolant reservoir and placed a smaller one.

A trackbike means: alot of cleaning en maintenance.

This coolant reservoir gives you more room around the engine for a better cleaning and wrenching

TMP Summary

We run the chinese radiator without a fan. Trackday use only so we will not overheat on a redlight after a roll trough the city centre.

We filled it up with Motul Motocool expert and got a Motion pro coolant bottle

The hoses on our bikes are Samco's and AS3.

We never had cooling problems with this setup on our NON tuned engines.