This site is dedicated to the wonderfull Kawasaki Zx-7r.

Yes, it's heavy as fuck and slower than a Toyota Prius.

The 7 was already outdated when it was released in 1996 ( dammed, dat SRAD was a mean machine!)

But in our opinion.. it's one off the most beautifull and bad ass bikes ever produced.

It brings back our childhood memories of the SBK. They competed with the big 1000cc bikes in those days with Akira Yanagawa, Eric Bostrom, Chris Walker,Neil Hodgson,....

You can find lots of information on the internet about modifications on these bike. Mods to make the 7 lighter and more powerfull.

But it's still the internet...  a lot of conflicting opinions and no data at all....

You can find the story behind our bikes right here. What are the modifications on our bikes?

Do they work or are they absolute shit?


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The purpose of this page to gather all the information we have, happy to share it with you!

We aren't experts/professionals so we are always interested in your findings of several mods!